Save the Date! We’re Getting Married!

Friday, June 5th, 2015 | Newport, Rhode Island

It’s happening! We can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives with treasured friends and family. Click around to find information about the wedding and related events, fun things to do in Newport, and much more. Make it a getaway weekend to remember!


Please RSVP by May 1st

Have you Met Us?

We're pretty goofy.

We met at work, where we still drive each other crazy, challenge each other, and have fun together every day. From running events all over the world, seeing each other at our best (and worst) during the craziness of a show, and always rising to the occasion, a friendship grew into a special first date full of tacos and Christmas lights in December of 2012. That love of tacos has blossomed into a love of more tacos, cheese, travel, wine, movie nights, picnics, and tacos. Most of all we just love to make each other laugh and smile (and eat tacos), and can’t wait to do a whole lot more of that, forever.

He Says…

She’s my sunshine.
We love to laugh until our faces hurt.
I couldn’t live without her joyfulness.
She makes me want to be my best me.
I’m most excited about growing older and wiser together.

She Says…

He’s my Person.
We love to share and discover new places.
I couldn’t live without his humor.
He makes me smile all over my face.
I’m most excited about being with my favorite person every day.




Photos by the amazing Shewanders in San Diego  See all the photos here

The Proposal

Brunch, Rain, Ring, Brunch.

From John:

I’m a planner from my career down to the way I’ll look up a menu online so I know my order before I show up to a restaurant. So, it was more than a little out of character that I got Jen’s engagement ring and had decided to propose without any clue how I was actually going to do it. Luckily, Jen made it easy for me with a simple question: “Have you ever been to Block Island?”

I love to write about the places we visit because so many of them have come to have a special place in our hearts. It’s when a trip becomes a journey, when a story becomes your story, and a town becomes a perfect little bubble. For us, it was the story of our first trip to Newport, Rhode Island, and the day we had 2 brunches and got engaged.

Read the Story Here: The Bling Before the Brunch on Castle Hill


We are SO excited!