Our Perfect Little Bubble

I love to write about the places we visit because so many of them have come to have a special place in our hearts. It’s when a trip becomes a journey, when a story becomes your story, and a town becomes a perfect little bubble. For us, it was the tale of our first trip to Newport, Rhode Island, and the day we had 2 brunches and got engaged (Read More: The Bling Before the Brunch)

From taking my first steps on a boat sailing around the bay and Bell 3, playing my first video games at a seaside arcade, and scarfing down oyster crackers at the Black Pearl, to amazing family vacations since, Newport has always had a special place in my heart.

Newport is part Boston in its look and history, part San Francisco in it’s pier/wharf area, part San Diego with a rich sailing tradition, and part Gatsby with some of the country’s most breathtaking mansions lining beautiful cliffs. Learn a little more about some of our favorite spots below.


Chowder & Chili at the Black Pearl

After 2 brunches, plenty of champagne, and some post-brunch drinks on The Lawn at Castle Hill, we were happy to not have any major dinner plans for our first night in Newport.

We got to the Black Pearl for dinner, a real Newport gem and a place I remember from my toddler days eating oyster crackers on the wharf. I was stuffed from a day of eating but managed to make room for a bowl of clam chowder. If you want a classic New England Clam Chowder, you won’t be disappointed here. It’s nothing revolutionary, but something about the atmosphere makes it just a little better.

Jen enjoyed a cup of chili and a grilled cheese, and did a lot of sharing with her new fiancée. Again, it’s good, classic, and hits the spot. Nothing that would win Top Chef, but a fun spot to check out with both a dining room and patio option if it’s a nice day out.


Block Island Time

Our second day in Newport gave us a chance to head out on the ferry to Block Island, one of my favorite places on the planet. Since Jen had never been, and I hadn’t been for over 20 years, we took to the seas on a quiet morning not sure what the day had in store. No plans, no reservations, just a round trip ferry ticket.

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I got 22 Bowen’s but a Fish Ain’t One

If you’re looking for a great dinner in Newport, head to Bowen’s Wharf and get yourself a table at 22 Bowen’s. From the tender steaks to incredible fresh seafood, we’ve always left very happy (and very full).

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