Cheese to Meet You!


Our love of all things UPGRATED began with a simple cheese board. The first night we moved in together, we had no energy to think about making dinner. Also, there were a lot of boxes blocking the kitchen. So we ran out and got some cheese, some crackers, and some wine and tried to fake a dinner out of that.

The next night, when dinner came around, we kinda realized we wanted the same thing… Many many hors d’inners later, it’s become a tradition (we actually just had some triple creme brie right before I wrote this).

About the only thing better than hanging out and having some good cheese, wine, crackers, and naps… is doing that in some of the coolest places around the world. And trying our best to do so in style.

In search of a creative outlet, and a way to share and enjoy our favorite experiences long after they happened, UPGRATED was born.

Have fun seeing the world the way we love to – one slice at a time.