Coping-Hagen in Denmark

denmark 452If you want to be technical about it, we visited one more country on this European trip than we planned to, courtesy of our friends at Scandinavian Airlines.

After leaving Amsterdam on the way to Germany our planned layover in Copenhagen took a turn for the weird when our connecting flight to Munich (read more) wasn’t showing a gate. Overly calm about it, we shopped around at what might be Jen’s favorite mall in Europe, the biggest Duty Free I’ve ever seen, a teacup shop, a cheese place, etc.

All the while, we didn’t think much about our connection, assuming the next plane was just late. When I finally asked somebody, I was informed it had been cancelled, and that’s when the fun began.

We had been put on the next flight out at 6am, meaning we were spending the night in Copenhagen. Without our luggage. At a hotel 90 minutes away with no food.

denmark 454Here’s when Jen hit the phones and found us a Radisson 2 miles away with a cheap room and open restaurant, and enough of a bed for us to sleep a couple of hours so we had a fighting chance going straight to the Munich office the next day.

This was a much better sounding idea than sitting 3 hours round trip in hopes of 3 hours sleep with no food and just a toothbrush and free white XXL t-shirt.

Even though it’s not an official stop on the trip, it will always be a fun memory in case we never make it back to Copenhagen.

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