A Little Italy in Munich

Near the beginning of our time in Germany (read amore) we had the urge to get some Italian food. There was to be plenty of beer, sausage, and pretzel in our future, so we wanted a change of pace in advance. We also wanted something to compare to when we got to Italy in hopes we would appreciate the food there even more.

MUNICH 15Looking online I found a great spot called Golden Twenties in the artsy area of town known as Schwabing. With great food and great service, we would totally recommend it if you’re ever tired of beers & brats.
We started with a little cheese plate of course, with a great fig jam in the middle. We also enjoyed a 2011 Toscana Le Difese, as a way to get ready for the Tuscany wine tasting to come at the end of our trip.

Jen ordered the Ravioli Ricotta Broccoli, which was good but definitely took on a lot of the broccoli flavor. The pasta was incredibly fresh though, and definitely made in the Italian style.

I ordered the Pizza Lilo, which had ricotta and salami, since I thought the salami on the pizza sounded good. What surprised both of us, though, was that the ricotta on this pizza was magic. It was like a buttery ricotta explosion, a flavor we never even saw topped in Italy itself later in the trip. The entire pizza was great, but it even still would have been worth it just for those little nuggets sprinkled throughout it.

Over the past 5 nights we had spent the night in Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and now Munich. Golden Twenties was a nice slow dinner under the setting sun at the end of a hectic travel week.

And the ricotta was ridiculous.

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