Grab a Dinner Jacket

Covent Garden
Covent Garden

Ever since my family’s first trip to Covent Garden, when my sister and I had narrower palettes, a baked potato was just about our favorite thing to eat in London. Simple but satisfying, as is the norm in much of the UK, Dinner Jackets at Covent Garden serves up steaming hot spuds from a little trailer out of some seriously old school ovens.

There’s almost no better way to enjoy one than on a cold and rainy London day, and that’s just where we found ourselves. I went for my old favorite, cheese and baked beans. Jen went for cheese and bacon. The bacon wasn’t as crispy as we’re used to in the U.S., a little mushy for Jen’s liking and fatty for mine. So I only had about 95% of what she didn’t eat… After all, it’s still bacon.

Other popular ones I’ve enjoyed before are the plain cheese, and the tuna with sweetcorn. Of course if you’re not feeling adventurous you can just drown yours in butter and have plenty to be happy about.

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    1. Oh no that’s so sad! One of our favorite memories. We’ll have to find where they’ve gone to! Perhaps they only set up shop certain days of the week?

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